Judy C.
Brooklyn, NY
To start, we are wholeheartedly excited to have the opportunity to post a review of our son, Christopher and his speech therapy experience. Our son will be three (3) years old next week. Chris has been in an Early Intervention (EI) program at the New York Child Resource Center for exactly one year next week. The level of developmental growth that Chris has made has been exponential. It has been a team effort, although, I believe, it is in great part by the outstanding effort from Debbie and her knowledgeable craft. It makes a huge difference when a child is accepting of an individual, which creates positive results. Chris is taken by Debbie and she makes him feel confident to achieve expectations. 
Our family is extremely overjoyed to see Chris blossoming the way he has in one year. In conjunction with the EI program, Speech has been a central part of his amazing developmental growth. Debbie works with him daily and Chris looks forward to her arrival. I have listened to their interaction/communication and it is exciting to hear our son express himself with Debbie. I feel that he wants to please her by doing what she asks of him.  
In the beginning of their relationship, Chris was at a stage where he was not expressive/saying many words and would get very frustrated with the expectations Debbie set forth. Now it seems he is less frustrated and I see an easier flow. Chris is happy with most expectation as he is aware of them now and the consequences if he does not fulfill them.  
We are very happy with Debbie. We feel she is professional in her craft, knowledgeable about Chris' case / what his needs are, in control of the environment and how to manipulate it if necessary, and is most importantly, loving and stern when she needs to be. Because Chris has long days every day (EI center from 8:00AM-10:30AM, home at 11:00AM, speech w/Debbie at 12:00PM, Home-based ABA from 3:00PM to 5:00 PM), he can be tired and cranky at times. We notice that at times it affects his progress and attention span/attention to details. Amongst other things, not only do we make sure he eats healthy but make sure he gets a nap after Debbie leaves and gets a good night's sleep which is extremely critical to his development.
We are in the process of looking at schools for Chris' next phase of development as part of the CPSE program and, at the same time, we are saddened that we will no longer have Debbie working with Chris once the transition happens. She has become part of our circle, and we are absolutely sure Chris will miss her immensely as we will.  
Debbie has given our family a priceless gift that we can never repay. I want to thank Debbie, publicly, for her wholehearted dedication and effort and for the beautiful blossoming of our son, Christopher.  
You are AWESOME!!! Thank you Debbie!
Danielle B.
Brooklyn, NY
Debbie started working with us when my daughter turned 2. Now, a year and a half later, the progress has been remarkable. When we began, my daughter couldn't even open her jaw to make sounds; now she quotes movies and books all day long! I can't recommend Debbie enough. She is professional, fun, and very patient, even when my daughter got fussy and difficult. Our family is very grateful. The only downside is that now my daughter can debate with us about delaying her bedtime! :)
Lisa H.
Brooklyn, NY
Debbie is an exceptional speech therapist. I have had at least five speech therapist before her and none of them even come close to being as good as she is. I just can't say enough good things about her. She's energetic, fun, creative, and always professional. She is also PROMPT trained which turned out to be an important tool for my daughter. She started with with my daughter, Leah when she was 19 months. At the time, Leah was barely babbling and would not do any vocal imitation. After working with Debbie for less than six months, Leah had her first word just shy of her second birthday. It was a miracle and now I sometimes call her a miracle worker because that is exactly what she is.
Brooklyn, NY
Debbie is simply incredible. She was able to get more out of our son than any other therapist he's ever seen. We've been through numerous therapists and Debbie was the best of them all. Our son really loved her and she became like part of the family.

She was extremely professional, always on time and would often stay after the session was over to talk to us or coach us on how to help our son. You really cannot ask for more from a therapist. From the minute she walked in our door she was singing her usual "Goodbye" song. This was incredible to us because with other therapists by the time they came in, sat down, and got ready it seemed it was already time to start packing up to leave and we were lucky if our son got 15 minutes of therapy, out of a half hour session. We also appreciated how she was constantly looking for new methods to keep our son motivated. One example that comes to mind was her use of the iPad in her therapy session, which our son loved.  
It's not hard to tell that this is not just a job to her but a passion and it shows in her enthusiasm and work ethic. Through rain, sleet or snow Debbie was always here at her scheduled time and with a happy demeanor. In fact we had the pleasure of using her services for over a year and a half and cannot ever recall seeing her upset, tired or not at her best. She really is incredible.
Debbie if you ever read this we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, our son benefitted immensely from his time with you. You're the best!